Privacy Policy


FarWest Outdoor and our partners Calgary Outdoor Advertising Ltd., Far West Advertising Ltd. and American Anthem Inc. are committed to providing excellent customer service. An essential component of this priority is ensuring the integrity of all personal information we collect and use. We are committed to respecting and protecting the privacy and confidentiality of the personal information you have entrusted to us. This Privacy Policy outlines our commitment to you, and is designed to comply with applicable Privacy legislation in Canada, which incorporates the following ten principles:


Each and every one of our employees is responsible for maintaining and protecting the personal information to which they have access. We shall designate one or more persons who are responsible for monitoring our compliance


We ask you for your personal information for the following purposes:

  1. To verify your identity and protect against fraud.
  2. To determine suitability of products and services for you.
  3. To determine your eligibility for certain of our products and services, or those of others, and offer them to you.
  4. To set up and manage products and services you have requested.
  5. To comply with federal and provincial legal or regulatory requirements.
Your personal information may be verified with credit bureau, credit insurers, registries, your employer, personal references and other lenders.


When you apply for a new product or service, we ask you for your consent to collect, use or disclose your personal information. You may, at any time, withdraw your consent as long as:

  1. You provide reasonable notice
  2. We are not legally required to collect, use or disclose your information
  3. Withdrawing your consent does not impede our ability to fulfill your contract with FarWest Outdoor


We only collect the information necessary to provide products and services to our customers. We will make certain that you are informed of the purposes listed above when you apply for any of our products or services. If a new purpose for using your personal information develops, we will ask you for your consent.


FarWest Outdoor will only use or disclose your personal information for the reason(s) it was collected. Under no circumstances do we sell or give lists of our clients to other companies for their own use, and if we obtain client lists from other organizations, we require the organizations to con.rm their compliance with all relevant privacy legislation. We may be required to provide information to a government agency under a lawful order. Personal information may be released to legal authorities in cases of suspected money laundering or other criminal activity, for the detection and prevention of fraud, or when required to satisfy the legal or regulatory requirements of federal or provincial governments and/or other regulatory authorities. Other reasons for the release of personal information include when we are legally required to do so (e.g. by court order) or to protect our assets (e.g. collection of overdue accounts). If we release information for any of these reasons, we keep a record of what, when, why and to whom such information was released. FarWest Outdoor has policies in place that govern the retention of your personal information so it will be kept only for as long as it ful.lls its intended purpose or as legally required.


We are committed to maintaining the accuracy of your personal information and ensuring that it is complete and up-to date. If you discover inaccuracies in our data, or your personal information changes, please notify FarWest Outdoor immediately, so that we can make the necessary changes. As well, we will make our best efforts to advise others of any important amendments to your personal information that we may have released to them.


We shall protect personal information by security safeguards appropriate to the sensitivity of the information.


Our Privacy Policy is readily available to customers by contacting FarWest Outdoor. Our Privacy Code outlines why we ask for your personal information, how it is used and who it may be shared or disclosed to. Contact information is also provided, so that you know who and where to address your questions or concerns.


If you want to review or verify your personal information, or .nd out to whom we have disclosed it, please request this by contacting FarWest Outdoor. We may need specific information from you to enable us to search for, and provide you with, the personal information we hold about you. There may be instances where we are unable to provide some of the personal information we hold about you and if we are unable, we will let you know the reason(s) why.


If you have any questions or concerns about our Privacy Policy please call FarWest Outdoor at (403) 252-3367 or fill out out our contact form.