Celebrating 60 years of serving the Calgary business community

FarWest Outdoor offers exclusive and impactful outdoor advertising opportunities throughout the City of Calgary, Southern Alberta and the TransCanada Highway to Banff.

Spectacular outdoor products including the largest Superboards in the province, illuminated 24 hours/day. Big and bold downtown Overpass Panels located at major thoroughfares in the core.

FarWest Outdoor offers over 2,800 Transit Benches and Street Furniture which blanket the city with innovative, hyper-local and affordable advertising that you just cannot miss.

FarWest Outdoor knows its market. Having served the local, regional and national advertising communities for over 60 years, FarWest Outdoor has built its exclusive portfolio of the most highly sought-after advertising properties available. With award winning design, production and service, FarWest Outdoor cuts through the clutter and delivers a bold and impactful statement with the highest reach – exactly where you want it to be.